BUILD Cohort Program

The BUILD Nigeria Cohort Program is a free, hands-on, 1 year program that works with 5-7 Nigerian students to provide them with personalized guidance through the process of applying and securing admission and full financial aid to top colleges, and connecting them with resources to succeed at these colleges.


Students who meet our target must:

  1. Be from low-income or single income households, or are first generation (first in their family to attend college/university). The term low-income here is used to reflect the Nigerian standard, i.e students who otherwise may not be able to afford attending university in Nigeria
  2. Be in SS2, though we may consider students who have graduated and are on a gap year as well
  3. Be high-achieving, and can show that they have a remarkable academic performance since they began secondary school
  4. Demonstrate a commitment to the demands of the cohort programming, both virtual and in-person, which may include several hours of video chat and other virtual commitments
  5. Be target-oriented with the potential to be able to express their ideas, opinions and beliefs effectively and convincingly, as well as possess the potential for great interpersonal skills
  6. Demonstrate a desire and commitment to making a positive difference in Nigeria. We are seeking students who are passionate about and dedicated to transforming Nigeria.
  7. Have a basic understanding and compelling reason for wanting to attend a top US college
  8. Fill out all required sections of this application to the very best of their ability, and provide any supporting documents that the BUILD team may ask of them for verification purposes

Do you have a question?

Send us a message at to get assistance with all your enquiries. Our support team is always available to answer your questions.

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