About Us

Our Mission

BUILD Nigeria is a non-profit NGO that is dedicated to bridging the college access gap in Nigeria by operating a cohort program which provides low-income students with access to credible and comprehensive resources and personalized guidance through the process of applying and securing admission and financial aid to world-class colleges and universities, including but not exclusive to US colleges.

Our Vision

With over 46 million pre-college aged students nationwide and an increasingly youthful population, Nigeria's current education system does not provide its students with adequate opportunities to study at world-class colleges and universities that can enable them acquire necessary skills, and achieve their aspirations. Through the cohort program, online resource bank and education-centered think tank, BUILD Nigeria aims to directly invest in Nigerian youth and their aspirations with the ultimate goal of creating broader social change. BUILD Nigeria exists so that it one day no longer needs to.

Our Purpose

BUILD Nigeria utilizes a problem-solution-outcome framework to define its purpose statement.

The Problem

The substandard Nigerian education system continues to contribute to Nigeria’s weakened institutions and poor leadership capacity which are two of the most salient obstacles to progress. We recognize that the Nigerian education system is in dire need of reform. From promoting cramming over critical thinking and engagement, to the lack of passion and desire for education-related innovation within and outside the classroom, Nigerian students often graduate secondary school under-equipped with the skills that they will need to be engaged, critical thinkers and leaders.

Our Solution

BUILD Nigeria seeks to remove Nigerian students from the broken educational system and provide them with opportunities to access world-class institutions. We also seek to position ourselves as leaders in creating meaningful conversations that seek to encourage the radical rethinking and reimaging of the Nigerian education landscape, allowing members of the public to break free from what continues to persist as the status quo of the Nigerian education landscape.

The Outcome

BUILD Nigeria seeks to directly invest in Nigerian youth, and inspire, support and cultivate the future leaders of Nigeria so that they may be equipped with skills needed to be engaged critical thinkers and future leaders of Nigeria. It is our hope that one day BUILD Nigeria will no longer need to exist because Nigeria itself will be home to world-class educational institutions available to every single Nigerian student and capable of creating the leaders that we know we deserve.

Our Values

  1. Innovation
  2. Excellence
  3. Commitment to service
  4. Collaboration and Partnership

A Letter from our founders

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